Who We Are

Our Vision:

Professionalizing Fitness

Our vision is to take the world of fitness from the group exercise, or “discount training” model, to a system that focuses on creating professional fitness coaches.

Today, after taking a two-day course about training, the overwhelming number of affiliates use group exercise classes as the backbone of their business. This model is essentially the lowest common denominator way to train clients.

Generally before group classes, affiliates put new clients through a one-week or one-month long on-ramp introductory class, which generally does an inadequate job both diagnosing and training individuals thoroughly. Teaching technical movements and movement patterns, as well as gaining strength, power, speed and mobility takes time. Without proper preparation, clients enter classes unprepared, which often leads to injury.

Our Vision:



Instead of on-ramps and a group exercise model, we believe in an individual, one-on-one approach to preparing individuals for the demands of group classes. Our focus is on creating professional coaches with a sound understanding of human movement, and a high coach to student ratio, which ensures quality control.

Our coaches are knowledgeable about human health and fitness—in areas such as nutrition, exercise science, anatomy and physiology—technically sound in functional & varied physical movements, as well as entrepreneurial in the way they conduct their business.

Secondly, to us, a professional coach should earn a livable wage.

Just like physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic therapists, and registered massage therapists, professional coaches have an important role to play in people’s lives. In light of this, our goal is to professionalize the fitness coach.

Our Team

“My passion is helping people learn to love fitness.”